Like Xubuntu and Kubuntu have been with Ubuntu since forever; but the "recent" additions like Neon and Nitrux seem to underscore the phenomena.

The sheer number of distros which appear to just be Ubuntu with different DE choices is getting kind of weird to me; as someone who has been mostly out of the Ubuntu ecosystem since 2006.

Is there a big need for canonical to be more DE agnostic?

Is it hard for new DEs to get upstreamed into Debian or Ubuntu proper?

Is there a reason for this beyond rolling your own distro for your DE is fun/cool/sexy?


Found one tiny 16gb microsd in a corner sonewhere thats still good and booted up successfully in the wee hours of the night last night.

Probably wont have much time to do more beyond that today.

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Well the only microsd card in the house that doesn't exceed my Raspberry Pi's maximum capacity just died.

Or atleast it's overheating so bad at mount I don't trust it.

Will have to wait a day or two to play around with

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politics voting NC 

politics voting NC 

welcome to night vale 

baking, love, cake flour 

baking, love, cake flour 

I wonder if "The Emperor's New Clothes" will start to feel less like morality play and more like history, when the people of the future look back on the present.

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us pol - 

Was it really non existent? Why was there no announcement to the users who were obviously using it? It's absence was clearly felt by some.

Will that be a foreshadowing of how the mastodon instance goes out one day?

One thing I've been thinking of this morning in terms of the this morning is how it's mastodon instance is constructed on the tomb of their old GNU Social instance.

The first months of my usage of were peppered with people asking where the GNU Social instance went.

Semi official word on bboard at the time, I believe was that its usage was non existent and the server had hardware failures.

The isn't really prepared to moderate the toxicity and bigotry in parts of it's internal bboard.

It has no publicly stated moderation policy on it's mastodon instance.

However, people it's mods don't like seem to get banned, without any transparency or obvious crime.

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