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Hey guys, this is my personal self-hosted Friendica instance. I am seriously considering migrating over to it. You should be able to follow it from Mastodon and many other platforms. Give it a try.
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RT @Auths_Alliance: As part of our blog series on the #publicdomain, we highlight the excellent work at @librivox, a collection of copyrigh…

Hrm... might switch to a in development release candidate of friendica; as the current rc branch cuts out an unmaitaned php dependency that I can't seem to find in the freebsd ports tree anyway.

I think the most powerful thing ive done in the past three weeks, is committing myself to be more willing to work on part of something even if I dont have the time to bite off the whole chunk of work id like to.

I sometimes think about offering for them to treat my original crowdfunding investment as a pure donation; and to disregard sending the hardware I purchased.

However if they do amount to something one day and produce 2nd or 3rd generation computer cards; that laptop shell I backed might be usefull.

Its also particularly odd to me because I had tried to give the project money for months of librepay but they couldnt be bothered to update their account details there.

I can't help but really feel like the project has botched too many things; and had too many changes in roadmap. While im sympathetic for their need for more revenue sources, and think the project is admirable; continuing to ask for more donations while not acknowledging any lessons learned doesn't carry a whole lot of weight for me.

Just figured out last night that the 20 or so videos in the MIT SICP course don't line up with the 25 lectures in the syllabus or reading schedule. Kind of surprised no one has put together an alternate reading shedule that I could find.

Ive mostly thought of VeraCrypt is a thing id need on Windows for work; but I wanted to be able to access a VeraCrypt volume from GNU/Linux today and I found it just as easy to use as the Windows build.

Good job VeraCrypt.

Hey for those using Qt. How applicable are Qt4 books to Qt5?

I'm thinking in the future of brushing off my meager C++ for use with Qt and ive seen a lot of Qt4 books recommended as still being very applicable; but don't know how much to trust that.

Also relevant: Why are their few or no scheme bindings for Qt5 ?

Thinking about switching off of Open BSD's httpd daemon on my FreeBSD servers, maybe for lighttpd?

I like obhttpd but projects I use seem to support lighttpd better; and for some reason the binary pkg of obhttpd breaks due to SSL ABI for me after every upgrade (Having ports build it from source fixes it, but that shouldn't be needed.)

The correct answer to that is that I probably ought to be running; OpenBSD on those boxes but that is another journey for another time.

by later this week I probably mean later today; but should have enough for a repeat performance later this week.

Making poultry flavored seitan for vegetarian "chicken" tiki masala later this week.

OK. Settled on FreeBSD 12. Finished consolidating my DNS hosting; upgraded one of the VPSes and got all the prerequisites for Friendica on the other one.

Should be easy for me to start poking at a Friendica install after work later this week.

Going to be playing around with the DNS stuff of the domain which hosts my Jabber/XMPP server. YMMV hitting me with that protocol for a bit.

Forgot which domain was pointed at which VPS this morning; and now I realized the fun experiment I wanted to do; really needs to be put on hold while that VPS migrated off NetBSD first.

Though I gotta decide to what OS...

Gaming group mostly focused on character creation for the . Will have to do a play report nezt session.

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Dear American friends, in your country you can legally buy and carry a dangerous assault riffle, but this famous French cheese (the Reblochon, made in my hometown) is forbidden...
Sometimes I don't understand you!

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In Greensboro, closure of food co-op illustrates challenges faced by those hoping for this model as a way to solve “food desert” issues

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