Also that SoC is supported by a few s I can think of.


Everyone's gonna be like, ooh, are you gonna pre-sign-up-to-buy? I'm gonna pre-sign-up-to-buy! And then like, who wants my Pine* slot, because this company keeps announcing awesome things and kinda puttering out, and I'm gonna wait for the next Pine*! ^_~

@maiki What most excites me about this is their planning on keeping it affordable, like the Pinebook. Around $100 for retail.

Because you know the Purism phone costs more than my laptop; and that isn't how the world ought to work in my head.

@UserCoffee Purism is going more expensive and seemingly more invested in Gnome.

The PinePhone is targeting budget phone space and KDE.

They don't appear to directly compete and there is likely a lot of room for collaboration.

@qwazix I had an N9 at one point; though it was broken beyond repair. I run SailfishOS currently.

@trashHeap ah cool :-)

I went through the lot but now I'm on degoogled android. Still using my N9 as SIP softphone and yearning for another high end linux device. One can only hope.

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