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Max Blumenthal interviews the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro


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Empire Files talks about the history of the american empire

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Jamarl Thomas describes the Federal Reserve's statistics on the income inequality of the united states


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fuck america

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Lets Guillotine Bankers Together

eat the rich

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podcast about max blumenthal and his new book about the american national security state



lee camp interviews Max Blumenthal about the history of US funded terrorism and Max's new book

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how much wealth does jeff bezos have?

if you earned $1 every second 24/7 365 days a year it would take over 3000 years to reach jeff bezos' wealth

the gritty spiderman reboot where spiderman is gritty

Outfit idea: a shirt that says “you are not immune to propaganda”; booty shorts that say “propaganda” on the ass

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Lee Camp interviews Greg Palast about voting in america and usa's coup attempts in venezuela from another perspective

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