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Hi, anticapitalists :) often has technical problems, so I am going to use this account in addition to @unsuspicious
Currently I am mostly active in the movement, though I am thinking about doing more serious work. I'm in love with all forms of life. Listening to music almost constantly. Will post a 50/50 mixture of shitposts and political stuff. Cheers, let's have fun together :)

suicide, homelessness, mental health - 

today one of my ex-colleagues killed himself. he's the second, last one was 10 days ago.

we all lost our jobs from one day to the other, now one person lost their home and does not know how to get access to food, one person stopped sleeping and started sharing conspiracy theories and two are dead.

Grade beim Bewerbungsgespräch gefragt worden ob ich ein Problem damit habe wenn die Abteilung nur aus Männern besteht... Zitat "In letzter Zeit ist die Balance schlechter geworden, wir wissen auch nicht warum" 😂

sadposting about ecocide 

phew all those trees in blossom are so heartbreakingly beautiful :(

i just don't get tot terms with the idea that all this is dying. it always seems to me that we have cut off the head of the forest god like in "princess mononoke"... it's so sacrilegious and deeply sad

receiving depth psychological therapy via video call is kinda exhausting

exercise (plank challenge) 

army crawls were hard as shit and my muscles were still aching from day 24 😫 anyhow it turns out that is great music for workouts!


just nailed day 24 of the plank challenge 💪

anyhow I *really* don't enjoy the look forward...

nobody else seems to ever have had my problem, which is that duolingo won't let me log in. I've already disabled NoScript...

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on another internet platform I'm on, someone just suggested to applaud chancellor Merkel every evening instead of protesting.

I am now listening to to calm down.

ellen allien live! <3

leider triggert das klaustrophobie-auslösende bild mich hart, deshalb lieber ohne video... aber der sound trifft grad voll ins schwarze bei mir :)

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