"If the FBI Approaches You to Become an Informant: An FAQ"

Hopefully this never happens to you, but it's a risk for any aspiring revolutionary. It's always better to know how the pigs are going to try to screw you.

"It’s always better to remain silent and not cooperate when approached by the FBI, then speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. "


I really don't believe that Mastodon should be a Twitter clone.

Adding more privacy and control settings should be seen as a priority given Mastodon's aim of "giving social networking back to you".

I hate when people tell me "It's not that deep" like excuse me but everything is deep to my borderline ass.

One of my favorite interviews on one of my favorite liberation struggles -

"All of Rojava’s proposals for a solution, have been accented around this call to reject the irrational “lesser evil” mentality and to rely on one’s own power instead."


i feel so much more liberty to toot whatever i want and not keep a consistent theme on here lmao

Probably only because there's way fewer people in this instance than on all of twitter, but I like the sense that rather than screaming into a vast, uncaring sea of people I'm just speaking loudly at a much smaller group of chill people.


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