is this me or is mastodon too much of a kinda trans lesbian echo chamber now? as this is as a transfem queer myself :s

@weirdoslam It's definitely got a lot of transfem people around, which i think is honestly good considering this is still the only public social media space trans people don't get attacked. Who do you feel is missing in terms of echo?

@mxsiege well, i at least am glad that trans people can be as weird and awkward as they are without fear :3

@weirdoslam Hmm, well, one way or another it wont last forever, itll either fade or more will join and the dynamic will shift.

@mxsiege i think optimistically so i think we can still keep our policies of acceptance and empathy as we grow as long as we keep that a priority. us trans cuties will be pioneers in that aspect ;u;

@weirdoslam or we'll grow older and the next wave will try to bury us under the floorboards, as is the circle of trans.

@mxsiege hmm, yeah. i gues im kinda worrying if we are attracting (as much as i hate this term) β€œnormies” as we kinda should for this platform to be a true alternative to birdsite. to help people escape antisocial media and learn to accept us more :o

@weirdoslam I try my best to get my cis friends to join, but a lot of them don't get attacked on twitter so they don't see the issue.

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