hi y’all i just got suspended from birdsite for telling 6 transphobes to suck my girldick what up

thank u for twitter support showing me how greatful i should be for mastodon. why did i ever rejoin birdsite holy fuck

cooked up a lil generation recipe for myself:

- open djay 2 (or any software rlly)
- load up song of choice on deck a
- slow down by 75%
- copy track and sync tempo on deck b
- turn on pitch lock on deck b (leave deck a pitch lock off)
- add delay and reverb to both decks (to taste)
- keep xfader in middle
- sync and play

now u got dubby vaporish ambient thingies to πŸ’€ to πŸ’ž

hey so. sorry about being away again. but, got more coming up. my very first album actually 😍

its called "things that can't be bought by promises or votes" and u can preorder it rn here: weirdoslam.bandcamp.com/album/

its gonna be out tommorow! πŸ’

new icon for me!!! πŸ˜ƒ
thx to my pal @PlaysExro@twitter.com for making this πŸ’•

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