cooked up a lil generation recipe for myself:

- open djay 2 (or any software rlly)
- load up song of choice on deck a
- slow down by 75%
- copy track and sync tempo on deck b
- turn on pitch lock on deck b (leave deck a pitch lock off)
- add delay and reverb to both decks (to taste)
- keep xfader in middle
- sync and play

now u got dubby vaporish ambient thingies to πŸ’€ to πŸ’ž

a dream of mine one day is to create a multiracial multigendered band a la prince and the rev. but uh, even more explicitly diverse and radical then that

im helping promote :mastodon: on this forum im kinda active on

the founders wanted to create it to create an internet space for dialogue about music that was more substantial then short blips on hypercapitalist antisocial media. not so different then the initial reasons as eugen & friends behind masto, no?

they had a thread about how musicians feel alienated by constant (anti)social media promotion so obv that was the best time:

yo pals! my very first album is out!!! all 4+ hours of it! :D
pls buy it if yall can, its a measly $6.66 for everythin :P <3
thank u!! i love , i love my fellow friends and i love u!!! πŸ’ž

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hey so. sorry about being away again. but, got more coming up. my very first album actually 😍

its called "things that can't be bought by promises or votes" and u can preorder it rn here:

its gonna be out tommorow! πŸ’

pls follow my friend @sandmothgrrl!! she’s a great musician and artist and she’s my friend and i love her so much
also check out her here pls!!
thank u!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–

this is i would hear in my nightmares and wake up and scream and then calm down and say β€œwow that music was cool” :blobcheeky:

my ambient trance eccojam ep and self-care helper

inspired by lorenzo senni's "rave voyeurism" concept, vaporwave critiques of neoliberal living space, and the legacy of the chillout room in 90's rave culture.

towards a trance against spectacle, the reclaming of lost utopian futures, and the horzontalization and reexcitement of dance music culture, a popular avant-garde.

pls listen! and buy it if u can
probs one of the best albums in history. starts off with one of the loudest and manic songs ever and ends with one of the longest and most drowsy. ur a rlly cool person if u get thru all *4 hours* in one listen.

contraversial music discorse 

linkin park are underrated tbh πŸ˜‰

contraversial music discorse 

is bad or at least have been for quite a while now. its boring af mostly now :c

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