you've heard of the spice girls, now get ready for the gayer version: the soy boys

I really sincerely hope no one feels precluded from joining or being active on this instance for not feeling β€œlatinx enough”. There really are no further qualifications than just if that’s a thing you feel you can identify yourself as. Identity is complicated & multifaceted and we shouldn’t have to shove ourselves into boxes. You can just like β€œbe” here, and be among peers that still all have different experiences. That was my goal of making this instance

Shane mcmahon is a cat, he just likes climbing up to high places

#wrestling yeah i think the canadian one might be a lot cooler tbh ;P wanna go there one day

Trust your fucking self, you little shit

The reason why corporate social media sites remove spree killers' profiles is more to do with protecting the site than preventing the spread of the message. Leaving their profiles would show how a network of scum are allowed to thrive on a platform.

Autism, ableism, joke 

NTs don't have theory of mind

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Autism, ableism 

I think it's weird that NTs think that autistic people can't communicate

My dad is probably where I got the autism genes from and I can understand his emotions very well and yet my (presumably NT) mum can't understand his emotions because he expresses them differently.

I can read my autistic girlfriend's emotions very well because I've talked to her and saw patterns between her feeling some way and her making a facial expression or doing a stim, which are also different to "normal".

I actually find reading emotions of autistic people easier, and they tend to understand me better too. Even if they can't read my emotions, they are more likely to ask or believe me if I tell them how I feel, even if my emotional reaction isn't "typical".

NTs aren't better at communication, they just communicate *differently*, and don't bother to learn how to communicate with anyone who isn't exactly like them.

my name's lynne and i'm here to say, socialist girls are why i'm a lesbian

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