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Hey uh so I wrote a whole-ass novel called THE MALCONTENT OF MARS and I've been serialising it over the last few weeks, and the eighth chapter just went up!

If you want to read it and support it by boosting it, I'd really appreciate it! Click the link below for the blurb page and the table of contents.

(cw for themes of trauma and abuse, also cw for scenes of strong bloody violence)

Hey you!

Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and/or Doctor Who? Do you like urban fantasy? Do you like stories about cool girls who kick ass?

Then you should check out my web serial, Rollerskater β€” currently on its second instalment with more forthcoming.

It's weird, violent and funny, and has been very well received. I hope you check it out!

(cw for graphic violence)

birdsite rant 

i'm done with twitter i think. not only am i no longer afraid to speak my mind on mastodon because i know the mods aren't cops who work with fascists to suppress all anti-fascist talk that goes beyond polite disagreement, but also twitter is just terrible in general?

people on there will repeatedly make unfounded, unresearched statements as fact, and then try to pass it off as if you're the problem if you say "uh, actually, i don't think that's right".

like, don't get me wrong, i've had arguments with anti-nuclear-power types on Mastodon but those people don't have ridiculously large followings ready to back them up even when they're wrong

twitter's just a toxic and tribalistic environment that creates dogpiling and brigading strategies and even algorithmically prioritises them. i'm fucking sick of it. i don't really want to go back there

[Steve Ignorant voice]

Seriously someone needs to take that piece of crap out, and his son too. Bolsonaro needs to die.

Do you know who would make for good SSBU DLC? The Undertaker from the WWE games, of course!

Otacon from Metal Gear would be a blast to play as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Larry Fine from The Three Stooges would be a blast to play as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Creation is inherently an act of destruction. Destruction is inherently an act of creation. Not all destructive acts are equally creative. Not all creative acts are equally destructive.

@denikombucha yes!!!! all of this!! local politics are so important and it's the area where we can really make tangible change as individuals

can’t you already hear the cloying first act β€œi want it” song showstopper about spreading magic after she spends her last 20 pound note at a london coffee store? a slightly whimsical tune just after contrasting her rejection letters with hogwarts acceptance letters? the meritocracy that totally exists and isn’t a neoliberal fiction rewarding her for her struggle being the REAL acceptance to hogwarts that these libs crave? and her haters, the REAL dementors looming at the edge of the castle gates?

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haha but let’s be honest folks. the REAL bad harry potter hamilton-style musical we’ll all have to hear about won’t be a retelling of the stories from the books. it will be a saccharin and probably slightly dishonest retelling of jk rowling’s rise to international fame. this will happen in our lifetimes and it WILL win tonys

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