In the aftermath of the london tower block fire, it is the community that has provided for folk through the practice of mutual aid. This can be seen in all times of crisis. The state will abandon us, but we are powerful together.

Reminder that Monopoly the board game was meant by the teacher who made it to be a critical anticapitalism learning experience

if it's inaccessible to the poor, disabled, or uneducated, it is neither radical nor revolutionary

Anaysis of class, gender and sexual relations without a materialist anaylsis of class at its core is exactly how you end up with things like banks presenting at pride parades and attack drones named Beyoncé firing at Afaghan farmers' weddings

yo i have a lot of poor leftist friends on here but also many who, like me, are privileged enough to have had accredited education and otherwise be respectable to capitalists so Reminder

( oh i forgot to mention my genders & pronouns and whatnot because I'm white and boring in nearly every regard, ps, old too). 😂

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Hello - I'm still learning what kind of leftist I am, but my core concerns are - I'm looking to you all for praxis assists here.

I do digital forensics/incident response by trade so I'm happy to advise on matters, and I'm based out of the Seattle area. If you're local, holler.


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