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    ACP Code of Conduct

    We believe anti-capitalism has to include smashing patriarchy, racism, colonialism, and every other oppression system. Do not register here if you don't want active moderation.

    General rules

    • In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in targeted harrasment, and any kind of oppressive slurs are strictly prohibited.
    • Mastodon does not encrypt communications, not even direct messages. Public posts are viewable by anyone outside of Mastodon. Please keep this in mind when planning direct actions or sensitive militant operations, and consider moving to an encrypted form of communication for this type of work.
    • Our servers are under French jurisdiction. French laws do apply here.
    • Porn and nudity are allowed, but must have a CW. Lolicon and sexual discussions or depictions of minors are never allowed.
    • Content Warning must be used for the following topics:
      • violence in text or media
      • bigotry, including but not limited to transphobia, sexism, racism, homophobia, sizeism, ableism, and classism in text or media
      • physical or mental health, including but not limited to eating disorders, suicide, illness or injuries
      • sexual content in text or medias
    • While we don't have specific rules about adding CW's to the following topics, they are appreciated by our members and our neighbors throughout the fediverse:
      • politics of any kind
      • food
      • storms and bad weather
      • links or references to Twitter (aka "birdsite") or Facebook
      • body image or weight
    • Parody accounts are allowed, and must be identified as such in their description or name.

    Reporting content / abuse

    You can report a toot by using the built-in "report" button, which appears under every toot ("three dots" button). Please include a descriptive comment, so we can better understand what's going on.


    Toots violating our Code of Conduct can be removed by moderators. Depending on the reported violation, your account may be suspended or silenced.


    If you're interested in helping with ACP administration, please contact one of them.

    How we apply our CoC with the federation principle

    External instances with incompatible Codes of Conduct may be silenced at any time, because we value our comrades' safety. The moderation team decides whether we suspend, silence, or don't take action, and takes input from members as often as we are able. Such decisions are always publicly available on @Emma's profile. A list of blocked instances is available at the bottom of this page

    Other informations


    Please contact a moderator if you require assistance or have questions. We're happy to help! We have a moderation assistant bot @Emma but she's currently on strike, so please contact one of us directly if you need help quickly.

    You can also contact us by email:

    • Moderation: acp_moderation@fastmail.fr
    • Technical: acp_tech@fastmail.fr
    • Everything else: emma@fastmail.fr

    Emails are read by @corzntin and might be transmitted to moderators, automatically or manually, depending on the message.

    Emails might also be transmitted manually to third-parties, such as our hosting provider, other instances administrators, etc, but we will ask for your explicit permission before.


    Warning! This instance was started by @corzntin, who is not a professional sysadmin, so downtime may happen. This is not our full-time jobโ€” we do our best, but downtime sometimes happens. We have hired Hugo (an actual professional sysadmin) of Masto.host to manage the instance's server-side needs, which should minimize downtime.

    Donโ€™t forget to follow me on Mastodon and Twitter to stay up-to-date with problems, updates and server downtime : @corzntin

    Stats / technical

    The server is hosted at Ni-Host, an OVH reseller, in their datacenter in Roubaix (France).


    We are anticapitalism, but unfortunately capitalism isn't dead yet. Currently, it costs EUR 20/month for Hugo's services, and approximately EUR 30/month for the server. Donations can be made at Liberapay, Patreon, PayPal, or using Bitcoins: 13WxR6gsxDu6Wt4JpTHuAxK64GHHzgVHjY. Thank you for any help you're able and willing to share!

    Blocked instances

    instance severity reason
    shitposter.club suspend Harrassment
    freezepeach.xyz suspend Harrassment
    sealion.club suspend Harrassment
    rainbowdash.net suspend Harrassment
    social.headsca.la suspend Harrassment
    unsafe.space suspend Harrassment
    noagendasocial.com suspend Harrassment
    pawoo.net silence, medias rejected Lolicon : illegal in France
    presidentielle.tech silence Annoying bots
    gs.smuglo.li Suspend untagged sexual content
    pl.smuglo.li Suspend untagged sexual content
    social.targaryen.house silence Incompatible Code of Conduct
    ika.moe suspend Blocked as they requested https://ika.moe/@Naouak/778172
    social.imirhil.fr silence https://anticapitalist.party/@Emma/1575308
    mst3k.interlinked.me silence https://anticapitalist.party/@Emma/1740904
    anitwitter.moe suspend Incompatible Code of Conduct
    sunshinegardens.org suspend violence, racism, antisemitism
    gs.kawa-kun.com suspend antisemitism, sexism, free speech
    toot.love suspend incompatible Code of Conduct
    libertarianism.club suspend anarcho-capitalists. LOL.
    preteengirls.biz suspend encouraging sexual depictions of children
    pleroma.soykaf.com suspend racism, ableism, untagged sexual content
    mn.ms suspend racism
    freespeech.host suspend the name says everything
    counter.social suspend trans-hate, racism, advertisements
    niu.moe silence racism, nazi imagery
    freespeech.firedragonstudios.com suspend incompatible CoC
    baraag.net silence loli, violence, untagged sexual content
    thechad.zone suspend anti-trans bigotry
    toot.zone suspend anti-trans bigotry
    voluntaryism.club suspend ancaps. LOL.
    pleroma.rareome.ga suspend hostile fork with harassment tools built in
    mastodoll.net suspend loli, untagged sexual content
    pleroma.tbny.space suspend incompatible CoC
    ap.uwu.st suspend impersonating users and suspicious following activities (experimental instance)
    qoto.org silence incompatible CoC
    loli.estate suspend loli
    101010.pl suspend mining cryptocurrency via codebase
    waifu.social suspend incompatible CoC
    bofa.lol silence incompatible CoC
    liberdon.com suspend ancaps. LOL.
    tri.cash suspend coin thing scam
    2hu.club, shitasstits.life, social.super-niche.club, vampire.estate, weeaboo.space, wxw.moe, youkai.town, kowai.youkai.town suspend loli, details
    greenlifeplus.net suspended What?

    Your instance has been blocked by ACP and you want to discuss it? Please email acp_moderation@fastmail.fr